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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inquiries about pre-order

we received many inquiries about the pre-order
so GND decided to answer the frequently asked questions here.
other then that there are a few changes for the pre-order, please continue reading if you're interested in it :)

Q: when is the ending date?
A : you can look for the ending date in any pre-order post =)

Q : Can i still order after the ending date?
A : Yes you may, as usual, have to wait for the next batch's ending date , however, some items will be out of stock, always welcome to check with us =)

Q : When will the stocks arrive?
A :  Your items will arrive in 2-3 weeks after closing date (only order if  you have the patients, thanks ^^)

Q : Is the beauty products ending date 14th of July as well?
A : As for the Beauty Products and headphone winders, ending date will be every Sunday, your stock will arrive in approximately 5 days.

any more questions feel free to email us @ shopnextdoor@hotmail.com :)


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