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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Please check out a little poll "which do you prefer most?" and vote!
ShopNextDoor is bringing in more accessories according to the poll! so do vote! :)

Thanks for all of your support! 
appreciate it a lot! :)

Due to Free gifts ( masks and notebooks) are all gone GND decided to give another promotion :)
***From now on Spend above RM45 get 5% of ! spend another RM55 get 10% off!
Wooohooooo! :)

P/s/ Cath Kidston's purse wil be coming next month!  
It's GND'S favorite brand! and Im bringing it here to share it with you guys! Only 1 piece available for every design! 
p/s/s/ due to GND is not very sure if you guys like cath kidston as much as her, only a few design available :) will check the feedbacks and bring in more! :)


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