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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rice Day - requested.

Rice Day Original web :  www.cjlion.net
now available in Malaysia
Rice Day new Packaging series 100g

comes in 3 fragrance

pomegranate - Calming the skin leaving you fresh and unrestrained
Lotus and Houttuynia - Smoothing the Skin.
Tea - Moist and Smooth Skin

Ingredients: Natural Pomegranate moisturizing ingredients rice bran protein,vitamin E, vitamin A

- Feature: Fruit Fragrance, soft, comfortable & clean skin



South Korea's original Rice Soap 100G
Main ingredients: rice, rice bran ,oil ,soft natural moisturizing whitening ingredients
Apply to : dry / sensitive / neutral
Main effect: Firming white skin, shrink pores, cleansing, moisture
Features: Deep moisturizing , mild cleaning skin surface, keeps the moisture, inside your skin, and lastly, soft and smooth skin!
Fragrance of Flowers will be surrounding you after your shower! :)


韩国RICE DAY 天然植物去污洁面皂 滋润皮肤 抗衰老

Rice Day Facial Soap 100g
Origin: South Korea
Main components and effects: contains Coix, Coix shell, green tea,green beans and other 12 kinds of Korea Ingredients, can effectively remove skin aging, to present you with a fresh, flexible skin.
For: dry / sensitive / neutral skin.

→ Firming skin, shrink pores, deep clean the skin, moisture
~ Fine bubbles.



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