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GND say's : Sorry for the lack of updates, we're back! And planning on a mega sale, and a huge surprise.. sort of a bad news... :/ Stay Tuned!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sorry for the hiatus.....

Hi guys! Sorry for the hiatus as we're REALLY KINDA BUSY nowadays,
Our page is reaching 500 likes, are you guys ready for the 50% clearance sale?!
STAY TUNED WHEN WE COME BACK FROM OUR VACATION ON 19th of NOV - 28 th of Nov.. (yes guys, that means we wont be updating the next 9 days! We'll try our best to reply orders / emails though.. :D

And sorry for not updating this week, our newest stock has arrived we dint really had the time for the photo shoot  might post up original pictures ( not from us) , Will Update on 28th of Nov our sale + our new stocks!

Love you guys! :')


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